Career Areas: Opportunity that fits your expertise

Whatever your professional expertise, you can make a difference here. For our patients. For your colleagues. For the community. And for your career.

Explore the career areas that interest you, then join us. At Parkland, you’ll find everything you need for a rewarding future.


Nurses at Parkland deliver incomparable care. In every specialty, nurses are given the resources and supportive environment they need to excel. Discover more about nursing positions at Parkland.

Nursing Support

In nursing support, you'll play a key role in furthering Parkland's legacy of caring. Find out more about our nursing support positions.


At Parkland, physicians have ensured our success throughout our storied history. Learn more about physician roles at Parkland.


When you work in rehabilitation at Parkland, you're able to make a significant difference in the lives of patients, while securing a satisfying career for yourself. Explore our opportunities in rehabilitation.


Every success at Parkland comes as a result of teamwork. Our support professionals, assisting everyone from administrators to technicians, play an essential role on our team. Find out more about the support roles at Parkland.


Technicians are essential contributors to patient care at Parkland. Discover the range of technician positions here.


Administration and management roles at Parkland ensure that we continue the approach that has made us so successful. Quality improvement, analysis and development are just some of the areas where administration and management roles are critical. Explore our available opportunities.


Parkland is strengthened by our dedicated employees. You can see this dedication in the professionals who provide needed skills and uncommon passion in finance, strategic planning and human resources, among other areas. Learn about the business and professional opportunities at Parkland.


The scope and scale of information at Parkland is impressive. And keeping all that information flowing takes talented, committed professionals. Are you up for the challenge? Take a look at our opportunities in IT and IS.

Health Information Management

One of the reasons we're able to provide such great care to so many in Dallas is our skilled professionals in health information management. They keep everything running smoothly—managing medical records and other critical data on complex systems—a huge but rewarding challenge. If you're ready to join our team, explore the opportunities in health information management at Parkland.


It's a successful combination. Highly skilled professionals and powerful technology. That pairing explains why Parkland is able to achieve great results in radiology. Find out more about the available opportunities.

Social Work

At Parkland, social work professionals provide critical support and services to patients. It's the kind of caring that really makes a difference during challenging moments for the people we serve. Discover the social work opportunities at Parkland and join us.


As the public hospital for the Dallas community, professionals in facilities at Parkland have a significant responsibility. Their talent and commitment to ensuring a smooth-running operation are essential to our success. Learn about the opportunities in facilities at Parkland.


As you might expect from a busy—and successful—medical facility, the opportunities in pathology at Parkland are impressive. For talented medical professionals, it's an ideal environment to build a career. Consider the opportunities in pathology at Parkland.


At Parkland, pharmacy professionals are instrumental contributors on the health care team. Find out more about our pharmacy opportunities.


Dietary professionals at Parkland have the satisfaction of providing an essential service to patients. If you're ready to have a real impact on the people we serve, take a look at the dietary opportunities here.

Employee Referral Program

Employee Referral Program

We're always looking for qualified and dedicated people to join the Parkland team. Every Parkland employee is encouraged to participate in our Employee Referral Program, which offers a bonus to current employees who refer applicants hired to work in any hospital department.

To continue providing the excellent care we're known for, we need to continue to recruit excellent staff. And who better to recommend new staff than our own employees—the very people who’ve made Parkland what it is today!

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